About: Alliance Partners

HepCCATT is a model public health collaboration led by a diverse team of public health agencies, academic medical centers, advocacy organizations,  Community Health Centers, corporate partners, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Managing Partner

HepCCATT is staffed and operated by the Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes (ECHO-Chicago) at the University of Chicago Medicine.

  • HepCCATT founding partners represent:
    • Public Health Departments
      • Illinois Department of Public Health
      • Chicago Department of Public Health
      • Medical Research Analytics and Informatics Alliance
    • Academic Medical Centers
      • University of Chicago Medicine — ECHO-Chicago
      • Northwestern University — HealthLNK
      • University of Illinois at Chicago — School of Public Health- Community Outreach Intervention Projects (COIP)
    • Advocacy Organizations
      • American Liver Foundation — Great Lake Division
      • The Caring Ambassadors Program, Inc.
    • Community Health Centers
      • The Alliance of Chicago
    • Corporate Partners
      • Walgreens Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy
      • Biocure Specialty Pharmacy
    • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Community Health Network

HepCCATT collaborates with community-based healthcare providers throughout Chicago, particularly in underserved communities most affected by hepatitis C.