Join Us: Healthcare Providers

Interested in becoming involved in HepCCATT? Contact us.

Testing and treatment depends on many factors, and high quality care is essential to curing hepatitis C. Healthcare providers are key HepCCATT partners, including:

  • Community-based healthcare providers
  • Community hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Pharmacies

There are many ways for healthcare providers to help HepCCATT expand and improve hepatitis C testing and care. For example:

  • Administer hepatitis C tests to all high-risk populations as recommended by the CDC
  • Get training on hepatitis C testing, treatment, and care through ECHO-Chicago
  • Share clinical data on hepatitis C infections, treatment, and cures
  • Distribute educational and outreach materials about hepatitis C

For more ways to get involved, contact HepCCATT via email, Facebook, or Twitter.