What We Do: Share Knowledge About Hepatitis C

Chicago’s public health system lacks the knowledge infrastructure required to identify trends in hepatitis C infection and cure. Even the most robust data-sharing systems exclude community-based healthcare providers.

In addition, available hepatitis C resources are considerable but fragmented. Chicago has no mechanism for moving patients along the continuum of hepatitis C care—as reflected in low rates of testing, diagnosis, and treatment.

HepCCATT monitors and shares clinical data from throughout the public health system to understand how many individuals are tested for hepatitis C, the number of positive tests, how many individuals receive care, and how well various treatments work.

Maintained by alliance partner Medical Research Analytics and Informatics Alliance (MRAIA), HepCCATT’s hepatitis C knowledge infrastructure will feature alerts prompting healthcare providers to test for hepatitis C, administer CDC-recommended treatments, and follow up regularly with patients.

This knowledge will inform strategies to expand and improve hepatitis C testing and care throughout Chicago, particularly in underserved and highly affected communities.