What We Do: Expand Access

Case ManagementMany individuals, particularly in communities highly affected by hepatitis C, do not have access to  testing and treatment because they do not have a regular primary care provider. Case management services is a key strategy for reaching these individuals, linking them to high quality healthcare services, and boosting Chicago’s capacity to test and treat hepatitis C.

The Community Outreach Intervention Projects (COIP) at the University of Illinois, a HepCCATT partner, works with more than 125 community organizations—including food pantries, syringe exchanges, and substance abuse treatment centers—to provide on-site hepatitis C testing and case management services. COIP case managers work closely with hepatitis C-infected persons to ensure they receive affordable, accessible, high-quality care.

HepCCATT leverages healthcare provider partnerships, electronic clinical decision support tools, and outreach events to identify hepatitis C-infected persons who could benefit from case management.

In addition, HepCCATT works to reduce the cost of care through advocacy at the state level and through efforts to enroll hepatitis C-infected persons in public or private medical insurance.